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Established in 2011 by Brandon Scott and Gregory Medlin, Haute Salon has a commitment to always better ourselves, the people we touch, our community and our planet.  We strive to lead by example when it comes to environment stewardship.  

Brandon Scott Haute Salon

Brandon Scott

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Gregory Medlin Hair Dresser Haute Salon

Gregory Medlin

Kylee Jaeger Hairdresser Haute Salon
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Kylee Jaeger

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Jere Keefer Haute Salon Hairdresser
Jere Keefer
Candi Hagler Haute Salon Hair Stylist
Candi Hagler
Blake Nichols Hair Stylist Haute Salon Jefferson City
Blake Nichols
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Greg Nichols Massage Therapist Haute Salon Jefferson City
Greg Nichols
Erika Phillips
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