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Parts & Labor Pricing

Starting on June 5, 2023, our salon is taking a new and innovative approach that allows us to be transparent with our pricing. By doing this, you will never be charged any more or any less than the actual products used at your appointment. Everyone’s hair end goals are unique and we love that we can customize them for just you.

We are comparing this new way of pricing to "Parts + Labor," a similar model used in other industries. We are implementing a software called "Vish" that uses customized mixing scales that not only tracks your color formula but weighs your formula to the exact gram needed. It will cut back on product waste on our end and will make sure you are not being overcharged for any unnecessary product. Our current prices reflect the cost of "labor" whereas this new fee for material will be "parts." You will see the material fee clearly listed on your receipt.


To ensure that we can continue providing the quality of service you’ve become accustomed to. We’ve separated out our service pricing and products used to create more transparency and not just raise color pricing across the board. We want to make sure it is clear and exactly what our guests are paying for with each hair color service.

On average, you can expect to pay an additional few dollars. For our more intricate services, which include multiple glosses and bowls of color, you can expect a slightly higher increase.

We thank you for all your love and support throughout the years. We are truly grateful to have you as a guest.

Warmest Regards - Brandon Scott


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